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Our History
A well-known company in the metal industry in Albania and the Balkan region specialized in the production of hollow sections, metal sheets and a wide range of products related to construction, but not only.
Albsteel Papmetal Albania Metal

The Beginning

It all started at the end of the 1990s as a metal trading business.

Albsteel Papmetal Albania Metal

Expanding Horizons

With a clear vision for the future and continuous research for the Albanian and Balkan region markets, Papmetal took a big step forward by becoming a hollow section producer in 2006.

Albsteel Papmetal Albania Metal

Modernization and Sustainability

As the company continued to grow, Papmetal invested further in 2016, constructing Albsteel, an advanced steel service facility that features a variety of technology.

Albsteel Papmetal Albania Metal


This development marked the beginning of our journey to become the forward-thinking business that we are today. Papmetal's pride is now Albsteel.

Albsteel Papmetal Albania Metal
About Us
About Albsteel: Shaping Tomorrow’s Innovations
The primary port of Albania, located in Durrës, is 3 kilometers away from Albsteel and Papmetal. Founded in 2006 as an official producer, Albsteel and Papmetal is the industry leader in hollow section and steel sheet production. In the local and regional markets, the business also deals in a wide range of other steel products, such as merchant bars and beam profiles.
What We Offer
Every step of our production process is carefully designed and executed to ensure that our clients receive metal products of unmatched quality and durability.
Hollow Sections

Albsteel provides clients with a large selection of tubular profiles that are of the highest quality and meet CE standards.

Steel Sheets

Italian tech produces diverse steel sheets in hot, cold, and galvanized grades with advanced squaring and cutting.

Long Products

We have a variety of long products such as Beams and Merchant bars, which are applicable in different construction projects.

Sandwich Panel

High quality PUR Sandwich Panels, which have a wide use on building modular structures and not only. 


Steel surface treatment, using sandblasting technique by a German high quality technology, cut-to-length, slitting etc.

Albsteel Papmetal Albsteel Papmetal
Albsteel Papmetal Albsteel Papmetal

With a legacy of excellence spanning 20 years, we stand as a testament to

Building with Quality Metals
When you work with us, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and a commitment to innovation that will elevate your projects.